TULSA, Oklahoma - The great-grandson of Rhema Bible College's founder was taken into custody after his court appearance Wednesday.

Blake Hagin was in tears as he pleaded guilty to one count of using a vehicle to discharge a weapon. He was handcuffed moments later.

Hagin did not have a plea deal with prosecutors, which means a judge will decide Hagin’s sentence; the judge warned it wouldn't be a light one.

Police said Hagin and three other people fired shots at a house in Broken Arrow near Cypress and Kenosha in March.

Hagin is the great-grandson of late Rhema founder Kenneth Hagin.

The assistant district attorney said those connections won't help Hagin get out of this.

"Just because you come from a wealthy or recognized background does not give you special or extra protection under the law," First Assistant District Attorney Erik Grayless said.

Hagin is back for sentencing December 18th.

Another suspect, Sevey Price, also gave up his right to a jury trial today. He’ll be back in court January 5th.