WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - Wilma Harrison,77, is doing surprisingly well after what some would call a hellish ordeal.

"I wasn't scared or nothing but it just kind of, right now, I'm scared to death. But at the time, I wasn't,” she said. "He was standing right over there with a gun at me. [He] said get your you know stick your hands up and everything, I want your money."

Harrison says the man broke in, in the middle of the night and after threatening her with a gun ransacked her home.

"He just looked like he was on drugs,” she recalled. “His eyes, you could just tell he was on something.”

"I was saving up for my property tax and went into the kitchen and found my drugs in there, took them,” she said.

Harrison is emotional now, but at the time, she gave the robber a run for his money.

“He laid his gun down and I started to grab the gun and he caught me before I got it,” she said.

Harrison says he tried to tie her to her chair with a telephone cord but she got loose. Finally, he told her to go into a bedroom where he barricaded the door shut.

She says she waited for him to leave and then got to work.

"I found a little old hammer in my drawer in there and everything that my brothers used to have and I knocked the hinges off the door,” she explained.

Bad knee and all, Harrison says she walked down from her home, down a gravel driveway, all the way down the street to a family member's home half a mile away in the pouring rain.

"I'm just happy she's alright,” said her son, Allen Harrison. “That's my main thing."

Reporter Erin Conrad: “What would you say to him if you could say something right now?”

Wilma: “Give me my money back and get off drugs.”

Wilma says the man kept saying, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Deputies returned Wilma’s stolen SUV and several items the robber left in the vehicle, but her $700 in cash, purse and cell phone are still missing.