TULSA, Oklahoma - Every kind of work has its certified experts.

There's even one for cheese, called a certified cheese professional.

"America is the fastest growing market for specialty cheeses," said Melody Charles, Tulsa's only certified cheese professional.

She works at the Brookside Reasor's.

It's quite the accomplishment — it requires three years working with cheese, then you can apply to take the exam.

"People want to know the stories behind the cheese ... where it comes from, who makes it and how to use it," Charles said.

She gave us a tour of the cheese display — they've got 250 different ones.

Guiding customers through this maze to just the right cheese. Well, that's the job.

While we tasted three cheeses, she helped a customer find the mozzarella he was looking for.

It's clear she knows her cheese, but does she know her cheese puns?

"Sweet dreams are made of cheese; who am I to dis-a-brie," Charles sang.

Cheese or cheese puns, she knows her stuff.

Reasor's calls her a cheese master. I called her a Cheese Whiz.

Don't do that.