BIXBY, Oklahoma - Two nights before a state championship game, an investigation continues into a sexual assault of a Bixby high school player.

The investigation includes a look at whether adults delayed reporting the crime.

Search warrants were served at the district for cell phones and emails about the assault, which is now believed to have happened at the end of September - more than a month before the outside investigation started.

The Bixby Spartans will play for the 6A-2 championship Friday night, but they’ll be without four players who were suspended from the team possibly on October 19th.

That date could be important because of a gap between adults finding out something happened and when it was reported it to law enforcement.

Investigators looking at the timeline want to search cell phones and emails of four school officials - Superintendent Kyle Wood; High School Principal Terry Adams; Athletic Director Jay Bittle and Head Football Coach Loren Montgomery.

Investigators got a search warrant for the high school to seize their cell phones November 17th.

Tulsa Police Corporal Mark Kraft said the law is clear on requiring adults to promptly report to DHS.

“All you have to do is suspect,” Kraft said. "But if you suspect abuse, it's better to go ahead and report it - if it's nothing, that will come out."

Investigators took phones from four unidentified players accused of being part of the assault.

Court records say even more players were in the room when it happened.

The timeline investigators have now is that the assault happened September 27th. It wasn't until October 26th when a student reported it to the athletic director - without details.

He told the victim’s parents the same day but it was not reported to police or DHS until after November 1st.

The investigator's statement says, "It is unclear when school officials reported this sexual assault of a child to the authorities, although it was certainly delayed for days."

Wednesday, the district attorney on the case said they haven't decided on possible charges.

Thursday night, the Bixby School Board meets to discuss the case privately and then publicly to possibly take some action on the investigation.

WARNING: Some information in the court document may be disturbing to readers.

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