TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman is devastated after she said a local business lost her family heirloom - an old sewing machine passed down from her grandmother.

The shop where Lena Mohney dropped her sewing machine off at is now closed. She said she's not expecting to get the machine back at this point, she just wants to know how it disappeared.

"These are different colors, the knobs. And this is different on my machine," Mohney said.

To her, it was more than just her grandmother's old sewing machine.

"It's something handed down through my family, you know? And my mother's gone now, so, to have gotten it from her estate, you can't put a price on it. It's very sentimental," Mohney said.

When the machine was shipped to her after her mother's death, the spindles broke off. She took it to American Sewing Center to be fixed.

"About a month went by and I hadn't heard anything, so I called and he said, 'Oh yeah, your sewing machine is ready, you can come by and get it,'" Mohney said. "He said, 'Hmm, this has never happened before. I can't find it anywhere.' And I said, 'Is it possible you gave it to someone else?' And he said, 'No, no. That didn't happen.'"

Mohney left and, eventually, the owner called to say he'd found it.

"When I picked it up, it didn't have the original tag on it," she said. "I thought, you know, I wonder if that really is my sewing machine."

She compared the sewing machine she was given to a picture she had of her grandmother's.

They weren't the same. 

"This emblem is, I believe, not on mine,” she said.

But, Mohney said the business insists it is hers, and now that the shop is closed, Mohney said she knows she'll never see it again.

"I don't think it was anything malicious. I think it was just a mistake. An accident," she said.

American Sewing Center insisted to us that Mohney has her sewing machine. They said that's the only comment they have at this time.