TULSA, Oklahoma - A midtown Tulsa man is hoping a woman will stop harassing him for supporting President Donald Trump.

She was caught on camera admitting to leaving a hateful note on his porch — and that's not all.

The woman stuck a pin onto a pumpkin on his front porch. It reads, "Real men don't grope."

The homeowner said he doesn't understand why someone would target his family over their political views.

"I was very heartbroken because it's not who I am," said Morgan Casper.

Casper found a note on his front porch about Trump supporters.

It reads, "Not all Trump supporters are overtly racist, or ableist, or misogynist. But every one of them decided hating people with brown skin or disabilities or women wasn't a deal breaker. Own that decision."

"I'm not a racist," Casper said. "I look at everyone as equal. I mean my wife is an Indian. I'm white."

Morgan said he was worried about his family's safety so he installed a security camera and caught the woman back at it.

"That got me pretty angry because obviously she bought that pin just to send a message to me and my family," Morgan said.

He said he hoped to meet her one day to ask her why — and then he did. 

The woman said in the video she was upset about the campaign signs he had in his yard.

And a bumper sticker on his truck.

The woman eventually walked away after arguing about the signs in his yard.

Casper said he doesn't agree with everything the president says, but that doesn't mean he should be harassed. 

"I just think being open minded, respecting people's religion, respecting people politically, I think that'll bring the country back together instead of being such a divided nation. We're American," Casper said.

Casper said during the election season, two of his signs were stolen and a third was ripped up and thrown in his back yard.

He hopes people can move forward.