TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrest a man and woman for trying to steal a woman's wallet Wednesday afternoon while the victim was standing next to a downtown Tulsa parking meter.

It's a similar story News On 6 has been covering every single day this week.

Now, police have two in custody.  They are identified as 29-year-old Kevin Dorsey and 25-year-old Rachel Thiessen.  

Police say the pair went up to a 30-year old woman on Elwood Wednesday afternoon and tried to take the victim's wallet out of her hands.

Officers said the victim fought back.  Dorsey and Thiessen ran off, but police caught up with them about 10 minutes later hiding behind a law office near 13th and Denver.

News On 6 has been reporting all week on purse snatchings all over town and police say they're seeing a rise as we head into the holidays.  Police say they actually do make a lot of arrests in these types of cases.

The victim of Wednesday's attempted theft was not injured.  

Both Kevin Dorsey and Rachel Thiessen were booked into the Tulsa County jail on attempted larceny complaints.