TULSA, Oklahoma - A survey circulating about the name of Tulsa’s Lee Elementary is a product of Tulsa Public Schools, despite an earlier denial from the school district.

The survey was first reported by The Frontier and promptly discredited by the school district, in a statement issued on Thanksgiving Day. The statement from the district then was “We want to make our community aware of a survey that appears to be from Tulsa Public Schools and asks participants about whether Lee Elementary should be renamed. This survey is not from Tulsa Public Schools. We are working to determine where the survey originated, but please be aware that this is not a district-sponsored survey.”

The survey was in fact produced by students at Edison High School, in preparation for a symposium that was held Tuesday at the school.

On Thursday, district spokesperson Emma Garrett-Nelson said “We discovered that the survey was created by students in Edison’s AP Capstone class as part of their research to prepare for their annual symposium. The students designed the survey to determine if education plays a role in how people form opinions around historical dedications. We worked with the school to add some language to the survey that sets context that this is a student project and not a district-sponsored survey.”