BIXBY, Oklahoma - The senior marine instructor of the Bixby Junior ROTC program says they are in danger of being shut down.

Colonel Chris French said they are about 25 cadets short of having the minimum number of students.

French said if they don't to the minimum number, the Marine Corps could decide to end the program.

They've had the program in Bixby for 19 years and help prepare students for life.

"They develop how to be a leader, how to … cooperate with other people, and how to kinda fix their own problems when they're out there," Said French. 

He said the biggest misconception people have about the ROTC program is that they are a recruiting program.

He says instead, they’re a training program.

But if a cadet decided they want to join the military they’re willing to help.

Students interested in signing up just need to visit the school guidance counselor.