BIXBY, Oklahoma - The Bixby High School football team will still play in the state football championship Friday despite an active investigation into an assault against a player, by his own teammates and suspensions.

Bixby School board president Ron Schnare says right now .they're taking "no action," because there is not enough information.

At Thursday's board meeting, members voted to go into a private executive session.

Schnare says the board discussed the investigation into four football players accused of sexually assaulting a teammate as another player recorded the assault on his cell phone.

The affidavit says the incident happened at superintendent Kyle Wood's home and school authorities went at least several days without reporting it.

Police Investigators say in the affidavit there are indications of a "cover-up."

Following the meeting, we asked the Ron Schnare about any possible disciplinary action in this case.

"Well, you've have a copy of the affidavit, you are aware suspensions that have already been made," said Ron Schnare.

We looked over that affidavit and it does not mention anything about suspensions. So it is not clear if Schnare meant the students are suspended from school or from the team.

We tried to get an answer to that question, but school board president Schnare walked away.