BIXBY, Oklahoma - The state championship game between Bixby and Booker T. is Friday, and some Bixby players are suspended over a reported sexual assault at a team function.

The governing body of high school sports has not intervened and doesn't plan to according to their attorney who said it's a local school board issue.

Thursday night, the Bixby board met to talk about the case in private.

They've taken no action yet and said the district is still investigating.

Their next step is another meeting, but they haven't set the date.

The Rogers County District Attorney's office continues the criminal investigation. That office said Friday there's no decision yet on charges.

They have seized cell phones but have yet to fully examine them.

Friday was also the deadline for the school district to turn over all emails related to the case.

Judging from search warrants, there are two angles to the investigation - what happened to the student and who is responsible, and whether the adults promptly reported what they knew to the proper authorities.