TULSA, Oklahoma - A group of atheists put up billboards in Tulsa; they say it’s to spark conversation during the Christmas season.    

It's also to promote a convention they're planning for Oklahoma City.
There are two of the billboards in the Tulsa area, more in Oklahoma and Dallas, and there the billboards refer to church as "fake news."

Along with the advertisements for Christmas shopping and insurance, this message is up high along Tulsa highways.

It says "Just like Santa Claus - the Atheists are coming to town."

It's part of a national campaign by American Atheists.

“It's not to change people's perception about God, it's to change perceptions about atheists, and the only way that's going to happen is if we start talking to each other and that's why it's a little provocative, it's to provoke conversation and dialogue," said American Atheists State President William Poire. 

The Atheists have a couple of variations on the message, including one that encourages people to skip church to avoid the fake news.

Both designs, the group says, are meant to encourage new conversations about faith and the lack of faith.

"It gives us the opportunity to explain why we don't believe and if they can just hear us out and walk a mile in our shoes and even if they arrive at a different conclusion, maybe they'll be a little less hostile," said Poire. 

American Atheists said the billboards will be up in Oklahoma through December.

There's one billboard in Tulsa, another in Broken Arrow, and several in Oklahoma City