GRAND LAKE, Oklahoma - Oklahoma Game Wardens are looking for the person who dumped a decapitated deer in Grand Lake.

Now, several businesses in Grove are offering rewards to help catch the person.  What was left of the deer was found at the Wolf Creek Boat Ramp, and six different businesses are doing what they can to help game wardens. As someone who spends every day outside, Rusty Pritchard sees what nature has to offer. 

"I spend about 300 days on the water a year," said Pritchard, who owns Pritchard's Guide Service. 

But, Thursday morning he found the deer while getting ready to take someone on a guided fishing trip.  

"Whoever did it took the back straps out and just chopped the head off," Pritchard said. 

Now, he's offering a free spoonbill fishing trip for two - worth about $300 - for anyone with information that leads to a conviction. 

"It looked like probably a 180-pound deer. It was a pretty good size," he said. 

"It is very gruesome," said Game Warden Marni Loftis. 

Game Warden Marni Loftis said the amount of meat left to waste means the deer was probably poached. 

"Really gives a bad impression of hunters. It's not how a good, ethical hunter acts," Loftis said. 

"Horrible. Just horrifying," said Kim Shearer with Grand Country Pest Control. 

Shearer said she and her husband felt the need to do something too. 

So they're offering $250 cash for information leading to a conviction. Pritchard said catching whoever dumped the deer, and deterring someone from doing it again is worth it. 

"There's a lot of out of towners who use this boat ramp, so it looks bad for our community," Pritchard said. 

Rusty Pritchard’s Guide Service is offering a free spoonbill fishing trip. Don's Transmission, Curtis Tate Tire and Sills Concrete & Construction are all offering cash rewards of about $200 each.

A photographer is also offering free family portraits for information leading to a conviction. 

Since the story aired - several more businesses have offered cash rewards and other services. One man in Missouri is offering a free concealed carry class if you're a Missouri resident.

If you have any information, report it to a Game Warden or call (800) 522-8039.