TULSA, Oklahoma - A motorcycle group is partnering with the Tulsa Dream Center to make sure kids in North Tulsa wake up to presents on Christmas morning. 

The goal is to deliver 1,000 presents to families in need. 

At Walgreens, anyone can drop off unwrapped toys for kids.

Bikers got a head start Sunday with their toy run. 

It's time for takeoff for these bikers after donating hundreds of toys.

Children will be unwrapping trucks, tea sets, and someone's going to get a guitar.  

"I brought four toys," said Eason Jones with Tulsa Big Wheels. 

"It's a doll; hopefully someone likes it," said Dewayne Bryan with the Christian Motorcycle Association. 

Tim Newton with the Tulsa Dream Center teams up with Tulsa Big Wheels each year to make a difference. 

"I'm fulfilling dreams of families. One person, one child, one community, that’s what it's all about," said Newton. 

He knows what it's like to not have gifts under the tree and doesn't want any child to know that feeling. 

"I know how it feels to not have anything for Christmas, and me being a bike rider myself I want to make sure that I can help bring that same joy that I had when I was able to get something for Christmas," said Newton. 

The bikers want to make kids in North Tulsa have everything they want and as it turns out, they're getting something in return. 

"Grandma used to always say it's better to give than to receive. She was right," said Dewayne Bryan. 
You have until December 6th to drop off your gift. 

They'll be wrapped and delivered to the kids about a week before Christmas.