OKLAHOMA CITY - The trial for a Tulsa Dentist accused of killing an Oklahoma City baby is scheduled to begin Monday, December 4. Bert Franklin was arrested last year for his connection to the death of 19-month-old Lincoln Lewis last July. 

Court documents state Franklin had been having an affair with Lincoln's mother for about a year when Lincoln died.According to the document, Franklin's wife had no idea about the affair.

Lincoln's mother reports she was at home with her son and Franklin in Oklahoma City moments before Lincoln  was rushed to the hospital. She recalls hearing a loud thud from the room where Lincoln and Franklin were alone together.

Doctors at Mercy hospital eventually diagnosed the baby with a skull fracture. The responding officer's report says the injury to the back of the child's head was "so severe in nature it could not have been caused by a short fall," but it must have been caused by a significant amount of force.

The document says Franklin was known for exhibiting controlling behavior and made statements in the past about his hatred for the baby’s father, even threatening to kill him, “skin him in Bricktown,” and cut off his genitals.

The jury trial is expected to begin at 9 this morning in Oklahoma City.