TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma man charged with 12 counts of peeping tom is now in jail.

A judge revoked the bond of Trevor Thompson Monday.

The first case against Trevor Thompson was filed in 2015 after a woman said he was driving through the Woodland Hills Mall parking lot, following her and touching himself.

He told police he was peeing in a cup or bottle, nothing sexual.

He was released on a $15,000 bond, ordered not to go to Woodland Hills mall and had to wear a GPS monitor for about a year.

Then, last month in Rogers County, four new charges related to upskirt photos taken of his co-worker at a job in Inola.

That time, his bond was $400,000 and he quickly bonded out and went out of state for treatment.

From that case, detectives say they found videos Thompson took at Woodland Hills Mall of women in changing rooms between May and October of this year.

The affidavit says he slid a camera under the dressing room wall. They say 20 of the 27 files were made at the Forever 21 store.

They say he also took photos up skirts of women on the escalator and inside other stores.