CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A Claremore family is frustrated after someone stole Christmas decorations off their front lawn.

Each holiday season, police say countless lawn ornaments and decorations are stolen or vandalized. But this family says they never thought it would happen to them.

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Choctaw Avenue in Claremore.

"We've had it here in the same spot for three years and never had an issue before,” said Keri Blackmar.

Until she realized that someone took her inflatable decorations right off her lawn Sunday night. Their three-year-old son Vincent was left without his favorite decoration.

"He just kept saying those bad guys stole our motorcycle and wanted to go look for them,” Keri recalled. “He kept saying the police are going to get them."

She and her family were inside watching TV when the theft happened. They heard a loud noise and ran outside only to find an empty lawn and a strange dodge truck speeding off.

"I didn't know what to think,” said Greg Blackmar. “I was watching Andy Griffin."

Greg ran out after his wife to catch up with the thieves.

"I didn't find them. I Took a different route,” said Greg. “There's three different ways they could have went and I went the wrong way."

Some friendly neighbors caught word of the theft and decided to help.

"A lady contacted me and said that she had an extra inflatable that looks similar to ours and she actually donated to us,” said Keri. “I'm just glad that, that's all it was. That it was just the decoration it wasn't invaluable things in the house.”

Keri says she has filed a police report and hopes they catch the thieves who tried to steal their Christmas.