TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa couple jumped into action when they spotted trouble on the way home from their work-out.

Kristina Collins and Roady Landtiser were driving near 36th and Hudson just after 6 a.m. on December 5.

"I spotted a flame coming up from the side of the garage," Landtiser said.

The couple immediately jumped into action, and their quick thinking likely helped save two lives.

"I knew it was getting smoky in there," Landtiser said. "We pulled in and I had her call while I ran up and got them out of the house."

After of few minutes of knocking, Landtiser said no one was coming to the door and the fire in the garage area was growing.

"They answered the door when I was about ready to break in honestly," he said.

Investigators said the couple left lawn tools plugged into an extension cord in the garage and, at some point, the cord shorted and caused a fire.

The couple got out just in time.

Firefighters said the windows in the couple's home couldn't open, and if Landtiser and Collins didn't drive up right when they did, first responders could have been working a much different scene.

"I was in the military. It's just something I do I guess," Landtiser said.

With the weather turning cold, firefighters want everyone to remember to be extra careful with space heaters and candles and to avoid using an oven to heat a home.