SOUTH COFFEYVILLE, Oklahoma - A police officer is trying to raise money for a system in his vehicle that would keep his police dog from overheating or getting too cold.

The system would monitor the temperatures inside the vehicle while the K9 was inside and, if necessary, pop the door open and let the dog out.

Officer David Call is part of one of two K9 units in South Coffeyville.

"He is a multi-purpose dog. He does tracking, article search, narcotics and also apprehension," Call said.

Three-year-old Mack, a Belgian Malinois, is a huge asset to a town with only a handful of police officers.

"He's very important. (Highway) 169 is a major drug route through Tulsa all the way to Minnesota," Call said.

Call is trying to raise 2,900 for a hot and pop system that would track how hot and cold his vehicle gets with Mack inside.

The system can pop open the door automatically if the temperatures gets too high.

"So far this year there's been 16 dogs killed in the line of duty, eight of them from heat-related incidents," Call said.

The sytem would also allow Call to open to door remotely during a call so that his partner could back him up instantly.

Now before you go wondering why the city doesn't pay for the hot and pop system, you should know the city didn't even pay for Mack.

Call wanted another K9 for his department, but knew the city couldn't afford it.

"I bought him, paid for his training and then just used him for the city," Call said.

He also wanted to ensure that his K9 partner would always be by his side.

In the past, at another department, he had to give his dog up when he left.

"It was a big let down to have to take the dog back to the department and leave it behind and I didn't want to do that again," Call said.

As you can imagine, the bond between an officer and his dog is unbreakable and Call never wants to lose Mack.

Especially, to a hot vehicle.

To donate, visit the campaign website.