TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahomans are sharing stories with News On 6 about how they survived the 2007 ice storm. 

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the storm, which left most of northeast Oklahoma covered in a sheet of ice.

Freezing rain moved into the state on the night of Saturday, December 8, 2007 and kept falling until the following Monday, coating trees, power lines and everything else with as much as three inches of ice.

The weight of all that ice was too much for trees and power lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power.

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Like so many people who lived through the storm, Dawn Orwig from Talala said one of the things she won't forget was the sound.

"For several nights all we could hear were limbs cracking in the dead silence of the night because there was absolutely no power and things were utterly quiet all around town," she wrote. "Since my parents were the only ones that had a wood burning stove, all 10 members of my family stayed over until the electric was restored several days later."

Orwig said she'd moved her car from the spot beneath a huge tree where she normally parked it, before the ice brought down the whole tree. 

Lavon Hightower Lewis said she and her family in Vinita were luckier than most.

"The whole town of Vinita was without electricity for at least one whole day and overnight, but our electricity was off for three days. We ran a generator on the back porch with a drop cord into the garage to run the gas furnace fan. People who lived in the rural area around Vinita were out of electricity for over a week, some more," she said.

Lewis said her home wasn't damaged, but believes the storm caused her roof to wear out too fast. 

Kristy Peck said she and her family in Tulsa were without power for over a week.

"My ex-husband and I and our two kids (who were 4 and 2 at the time) stayed at his office the first night that we lost power and then spent the rest of the time at my mother's house," she wrote. "The kids loved 'camping out' at Dad's office and wanted to stay there the whole time. I wish I had a picture of those two boys under the big conference table that we made into a fort." 

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