TULSA, Oklahoma - A one-of-a-kind museum is coming to Tulsa. The Vintage Sewing Center and Museum on South Peoria isn’t open yet, but it will be soon.

The museum is Wayne Binger's brainchild. He said previous attempts at sewing museums failed because you couldn't do anything - just look and don't touch – but his place will be different.

"People will actually come in here and sew," he said.

People can come in and sew on the wonderful old machines. They all work and he even made a sewing table, perfect for conversation.

Binger said sentimentality created the place. The old machines belonged to someone, the person who inherited it didn't want to toss it and needed a place, so this is it.

He said he has maybe 600 machines.

Binger is still getting the place organized so it’s not open yet, but you can keep up with them on Facebook for the time being.