BRISTOW, Oklahoma - The News On 6 Impactful Teacher for December changed schools and in turn, changed the lives of some Bristow middle schoolers.

LeAnne Taylor and Tess Maune surprised special education teacher Regan Bowler and her class. They were in the middle of a reading lesson. 

Regan had taught social studies at Perkins, then had to leave teaching since she was having a hard time making a living.Her heart was still in the classroom, and a special ed position came open in Bristow.

"Only been here a couple of months, I don't know - may have impacted them but they have impacted me just as much," said teacher Regan Bowler. "Realizing that sometimes we get caught up in our adult problems but these kids have just as much and they need all the support they can get."

Regan gets a $250 dollar VISA gift card to use however she'd like. Mullin Plumbing is also providing a one-year platinum air package valued around $500.