CHELSEA, Oklahoma - A mother and child were hit by a vehicle while walking to school Thursday morning in Chelsea.

The incident took place just before 8 a.m. at Longfellow Early Childhood Center. The pair were taken to the hospital to be checked out and are expected to be fine.

The Chelsea Chief of Police said a father was taking his son to school and was temporarily blinded by the sun. Fortunately, he was going under the speed limit and just "bumped" the mother and daughter, according to police.

"The sun had a play in this today. It was very blinding," Chelsea Police Chief Rick Jones said.

Jones said the school doesn't have crosswalks, but said that wouldn't have stopped the accident.

The school posted on its Facebook page that the mother and daughter are doing well.

The chief said the schools don't have crosswalks, but he didn't believe they would have stopped the incident anyway.