TULSA, Oklahoma - Closing arguments begin Friday in the child abuse murder trial of ex-TU football player Tavarreon Dickerson.

The defense made its case Thursday. 

Both sides rested today after two doctors testified with two very different opinions on what killed Raylie Dickerson. 

The first doctor, testifying for the state, said there were solid signs that Raylie was abused.

The doctor said he could say with some degree of medical certainty that Raylie died from abusive head trauma. 

He also said Raylie had rib injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. 

But, the doctor who testified for the defense said there was no physical evidence of shaken baby syndrome in this case...

And that in his opinion, the baby died from malformations in the blood vessels in her brain. 

He said this could have even been the result of a birth defect. 

Dickerson is charged with child abuse murder. 

Closing arguments start Friday morning.