GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Glenpool Police are looking for the people who stole $100,000 worth of trailers and goods in just four days.

Police have surveillance video and hope people can identify two of the suspected thieves and locate a third.

The Tulsa Praise Orchestra has been entertaining people in Green Country and across the US for the past 23 years.
They keep their pianos, amplifiers, speakers, and other gear inside a five by eight trailer. They locked up the trailer and kept it inside a storage unit and thought it was safe.

"I was stunned at how fast they did it," said victim Bob Archer. 

Surveillance video shows the thieves hooking up to Bob's trailer, filled with musical equipment, and driving right out of the storage unit lot.

"Made me very mad. My first reaction the other day was just a sucker punch," Bob said. 

He's not alone. 

Police said Shannon Coffey, also known as Shannon Royal, rented a storage unit, got the gate code, and came back in the same truck with two men.

They took the first trailer, then an hour later, came back and took another, then a few days later, took another.
Police said they then painted a tan stripe along the bottom of the truck and put some business stickers on the side and went to a different storage place, used a code there, and took another trailer, then back to the first unit for even more; a total of five in four days.

"They're making a point if they see a camera, of looking down or pulling hoodies over their face and long sleeves to prevent [us seeing] tattoos and marks on them," said Glenpool Police Sergeant Tracey Powell. 

Police would like to know where Shannon Coffey is and who the two people are with her in the videos, and of course, everyone would like the stolen trailers recovered.

"Some stuff actually says Tulsa Praise Orchestra on it, so it's pretty identifiable," said Bob Archer. 

One trailer was filled with Adidas gear to the tune of about $10,000
If you can help police with this case, call Glenpool Police at 918-322-8110.