TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame will induct two members from Green Country this week.

Tulsa Police and Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies gathered Thursday to honor them.

Back in 1932, Mary Horn was the first African-American woman to become a Tulsa police officer.

She died in 1987.

George Haralson began his career in 1973 and worked for both the Tulsa Police department and the sheriff's office.

He said he didn't expect to stay in law enforcement for his entire career.

"I just got caught up in the moment, and the moment is 44 years now. I still enjoy what I'm doing," Haralson said. 

Mary Horn and George Haralson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, along with four others, at a ceremony in Oklahoma City on Saturday.

News On 6 Anchor Lori Fullbright will emcee the hall of fame induction ceremony.