CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Police in Claremore arrest a woman for solicitation of prostitution inside of a local massage parlor.  

Police say the massage parlor was busted Thursday as part of a sting operation.  

It all began because of citizens who spoke up.
Claremore Police said just before 4 pm on Thursday, they sent an undercover officer into Bamboo Massage, just off West Will Rogers Blvd.

"During that operation, our officer was offered a sexual act for an amount of money," said Deputy Chief Steve Cox.  

Police arrested one woman, Chunlan Jiang, who they say was the only employee in the building. 

She was arrested on a complaint of solicitation of prostitution within 1000 feet of a church or school. 

The operation stems from information Police received about a week ago from concern citizens.

"We took that information and decided to put a plan in place we executed that plan [Thursday] it was a success and for the city of Claremore," said Cox. 

Cox said to the best of his knowledge this is the only massage parlor in Claremore where Police have received a negative report about potential criminal activity.

"This is not a big issue in Claremore. Me personally, I can't remember the last time that I even heard of a report like that," Cox said. 

And as police continue to investigate, they hope that this arrest brings a positive change to the community.

"We got it, we acted on it, and hopefully made a difference and hopefully we get that type of business out of our community," Cox said. 

He said they always encourage people to look out for one another.

"Be good neighbors, look out for your neighbors, be good citizens, if you think something's up please call us," he said. 
News On 6 reached out to the massage parlor. They declined to comment. 

Police have set up a tip for anyone that wishes to report a crime. 

That number is 918-283-8255 and you can remain anonymous.