CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Attorneys for OU football player Rodney Anderson tell News On 6 he passed a polygraph test in light of recent rape allegations.

A woman filed a protective order Monday in Cleveland County and named Rodney Anderson as her alleged rapist, according to the court document. The woman said the incident happened Nov. 16 but that she only remembered details over the weekend of Dec. 2-3. 

A former FBI polygraph examiner conducted the examination on December 6, 2017, and the test lasted approximately three hours, according to the letter from the polygraph examiner.

During the test, Anderson was asked questions regarding the recent rape allegations made against him, the examiner wrote. 

Anderson denied the allegations and the examiner wrote that his opinion is that the results of the exam were, "not indicative of deception; he was not practicing deception in his replies to relevant questions asked of him on this test."

Anderson's attorney, Derek Chance, released this statement: 

"This week we have worked to demonstrate Mr. Anderson's innocence. That work included a polygraph examination of Mr. Anderson.  The examination was conducted Tuesday afternoon by retired FBI polygraph examiner Bill Brown. As expected, the results showed Mr. Anderson is honest and truthful in his denial of the allegations.  As our work continues toward a final resolution, Mr. Anderson is incredibly thankful for the generous and overwhelming outpouring of support he has received from friends and family."