NEW YORK CITY - Normally we don't deal with speculation, but let's be real, tomorrow night, OU quarterback Baker Mayfield will most likely be the sixth Heisman Trophy winner in school history.

It’s hard to beat New York near Christmas time, and hard to beat Baker Mayfield anytime, including the Heisman Trophy, which he's expected to win Saturday night. 

He's been compared recently to 2 quarterbacks: Seattle Superstar Good Guy Russell Wilson and former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, whose off-field problems forced him out of football. 

The fun-loving OU quarterback met the media in Manhattan with finalists Lamar Jackson and Bryce Love. 

But Mayfield has two hands on the Heisman Trophy and not winning would become a bigger story than winning. 

Regarding comparisons with Wilson and Johnny Football, Mayfield said this:

"No matter what you want to say about those guys off the field, I know you can say what you want about Johnny, on the field he's an extremely talented player. He's a guy that shocked the college world, and took it in the blink of an eye, he turned it around. He's very talented, and obviously Russell Wilson is as well, he's a super bowl champion, and being compared to those guys is an honor, and to be in consideration, to be in a discussion like that is pretty special to me."

Although Mayfield didn't shy away from Johnny Football questions, there’s a the strong sense that he's determined to show people he's a good guy and a winner. At OU, on Saturday, and in the NFL.