TULSA, Oklahoma - A 22-month-old boy died after officers said his mother's boyfriend slammed the child's head into a wall.  

Officers arrested 24-year-old Zachery Tyler Collins Saturday, December 9 on complaints of child abuse and neglect. 

On Monday, they upgraded the charge against Collins to child abuse murder.

“He ultimately confessed being frustrated the child wouldn't sleep and injuring the child very severely,” said Tulsa Police Cpl. Mark Kraft.

Authorities say Collins admitted slamming the baby’s head into a wall, so hard detectives found a hole in the sheetrock. Collins also admitted to punching him in the stomach and slamming him into the couch, causing him to fall onto a concrete floor, investigators say. 

The police were called Saturday morning about daylight, but the investigation revealed the fatal injury happened late Friday.

The suspect's mother called for help after she arrived at her son's apartment, at Savanna Landing, and found her 22-month-old grandson unresponsive.

Police say the little boy, who would have turned two in February, was on life support this weekend and died Monday morning.

“He had severe head trauma, internal injuries, injuries that weren't survivable,” said Cpl. Kraft. 

They say Collins never got the boy medical help and admitted he had been drinking.

Police say their investigation isn't over.

“We're still doing interviews, and it's too early to say if anything will happen to mom,” said Kraft.

There were two other children in the apartment, one of them the child of the suspect.

Police say the other children were not hurt.