TULSA, Oklahoma - Changes are on the way for a block of downtown Tulsa.

A well known coffee shop is moving and their new location will also soon be home to nearly 80 apartments.

Topeca Coffee has been in the Mayo Hotel since 2004 but the owner said it is time to update their concept, and they plan to do it in the building right next door. Soon, more than 70 new apartments will fill with built-in customers.

Jackie Price showed us around the now-empty building at 111 West 5th Street.

Over the next year it will be transformed into 79 apartments: nine luxury spaces with the rest studio and one- and two-bedroom units.

"This will be our second residential and we're totally filled up there at the TransOK building which has about 39 units. So, we are so excited to be adding to the market," Price said.

Along with apartments, the entire first floor in this historic building is for commercial space and their first signed tenant is Topeca Coffee.

In the late spring or early summer, Topeca will move from its current space next door at the Mayo Hotel in order to be able to update its concept and add a full kitchen, bar and, of course, the coffee options they've been offering the area since 2004.

"The retail downstairs with Chip's new restaurant is going to be a really awesome addition. Our tenants are going to love it. It is gonna be great," Price said.

One year ago, Price Family Properties bought 13 buildings in downtown Tulsa.

They chose to focus on the 111 building as their next project because of the amount of people who work in the area during the day.

"To be able to provide housing within two blocks is an added amenity that some of the more residential outskirts don't have," Price said.

Topeca Coffee has invested in a new brewing and canning line for the first canned nitro cold brew in the state.