TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - In an $11.5 million expansion, Tulsa County plans to move its largest offices of government out of the courthouse, in part to make more room for the court system.

The civil side of County government is spread across several offices downtown but they could be consolidated into one building across the street from the existing courthouse.

There's almost always a line of cars in the courthouse parking lot where spaces are usually in short supply.

County employees take up most of the parking garage so the public has to try to find a spot to handle county business. It doesn't help that parking across the street is $9, even for a quick visit.

There's often another line of people trying to pay for parking in the overcrowded lot.

The parking situation helped encourage the County to buy the Community Care Building. It's not only big enough for all administrative offices, it also comes with 500 parking spots.

"So, basically everything that's administrative within the county will be over there," said Chief Deputy County Commissioner John Fothergill.

The move will free up courthouse space for court services, like the court clerk's crowded space that needs expanding.

They might have room enough so employees who don't want to eat at their desks won't need to eat lunch in the hallways.

For the public, the biggest improvement could be centralized offices.

Now the County Clerk is on the first floor, the assessor's office is on the second, and the treasurer is on the third. In the new building, they could be all together.

"Like, if you're filing a deed you have to go to all three and they're on three different floors. So, hopefully, with this new synergy we'll have a one-stop shop for people doing business with multiple agencies," Fothergill said.

Between some Vision money and money set aside to buy new parking, the County has the funds for the move.

The building needs work, so they won't move in for another year.