TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested a man Tuesday accused of beating and kidnapping his ex-wife and forcing her to stay in a home near Pine and Lewis. 

He is identified as 51-year-old Steve Shannon.

Police say the victim was able to get away by starting a fire in a bathroom, distracting her ex-husband. She called for help after running to a nearby business.  In their report, police say Shannon beat the victim with his fists and a gun, then choked her several times until she passed out.

Police say when they found the victim, she did have signs of abuse that match her story. She told officers Shannon forced her from her Shawnee home on Saturday, December 9, and kept her padlocked inside his home.

The victim also told police, Shannon threatened to kill her daughter if she ran away.

When police located and arrested Steve Shannon, they say he had a gun that was allegedly stolen out of Wagoner County.

Shannon was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints including assault and battery, kidnapping and possession of stolen property.