JENKS, Oklahoma - A man is in jail on domestic abuse charges after the victim said he threatened to burn her hair off. 

Jenks Police responded to apartments at 701 W. 101st Pl. in Jenks around 2am Wednesday morning on a noise complaint call. 

After a brief argument, officers detained 47-year-old Kenneth Wilson and interviewed the victim. 

Police say the victim told them that Wilson put nail polish remover in her hair and threatened to light it on fire. 

The victim also told police that Wilson held her by the neck and elbowed her in the face multiple times. 

Reports say that Wilson then stood over the victim in bed with a knife, threatening to kill her if she made any noise.   

Police say that the victim had a black eye, a bloody nose, and several scrapes and scratches on her face and hands. 

Wilson is being held on complaints of domestic abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and threatening violence. 

His bond is set for $25,000.