TULSA, Oklahoma - A bogus tip to police leads them to three robbery suspects.

Those three people are in the Tulsa County Jail.

It sounds like a cheesy intro to a joke, but what do a bank robbery, a bogus kidnapping tip and a purse snatching have in common? Well, only that this series of events led to more arrests than Tulsa police anticipated.

Tulsa police had their hands full Wednesday as they investigated active crimes happening all over the city in a matter of moments.

"It was a perfect storm for what happened today," said Sgt. Shane Tuell.

Police chased a car into a neighborhood off 41st after the passengers were acting suspicious near Promenade Mall.

The three people inside ditched the car in a driveway and ran off, but what police found had nothing to do with what they thought they were investigating.

"They gave chase thinking they were after someone who had just taken some children but in actuality what they were chasing the suspects from the Walgreens purse snatching," Tuell said.

They arrested Garlanda Boyles, Corian Campbell and Boyles' 16-year-old son.

Police said the teen punched a woman in the face multiple times at the Walgreens and stole her purse while the other two waited in the getaway car.

Police found the trio because they were in the area investigating a unrelated tip about a child abduction.

"Once that was all concluded and they were in custody we found out there was no abduction and that was a bogus call," Tuell said.

That bogus call was a tip to distract police from a bank robbery at 36th and Yale.

Police said those suspects called in the bogus tip about the child abduction to distract police, but ended up leading officers the suspects in the Walgreens robbery.

What it all boils down to, police said, is that even with all of this chaos they still managed to debunk a bogus tip and make arrests in both robberies.