NOWATA, Oklahoma - Seems like everyone and their dog has a Facebook page, including Barkley the Oklahoma Chihuahua.

We went to Nowata to meet Barkley, and she has lots of followers on Facebook — about 13,300.

Barkley is the second generation Oklahoma Chihuahua. First there was Tinks. She died, then Barkley took over.

"I started it as self-help therapy when my dad killed himself," said Barkley's owner, Becky.

It gave her another focus and it's worked.

"I like making people laugh and giggle," Becky said.

Facebooking has not been Becky's only gig. She retired last year as an award-winning photographer for the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise newspaper.

"Top photographer in the state in my division," Becky said.

She published a book a few years ago of some of her best  photographs.

Most of her time now is spent writing for Barkley.

Becky and her husband Joe have six chihuahuas. No one seems to mind that Barkley is the famous one.

To follow Barkley on Facebook, visit her Facebook page.