TULSA, Oklahoma - A man is in jail, accused of driving up to teenage girls waiting at the bus stop and touching himself.

Police said it happened three times, each one involving students at Union Public Schools.

Police said Fernando Lopez pulled up to teenage girls waiting by themselves for their school buses and started touching himself. 

"What I find most concerning about it is he is picking locations where the children are isolated, where they are away from their parents, they are alone at a bus stop," said Darin Ehrenrich with Tulsa Police. 

The first instance happened November 30th when police say Lopez drove up to a 16-year-old girl, asked her for directions, then started touching himself in front of her.

Later that day, police say Lopez, again exposed, pulled up to a school bus full of children and touched himself. 

"The school buses are excellent because they have exterior video and interior video and you can kind of see the kids go crazy once they are like, oh my god, what just happened," said Ehrenrich.

And on Wednesday, police said Lopez struck again, this time pulling up in a different car, to a 15-year-old girl, asking her for directions and touching himself.

Officers tracked down Lopez by the tag number on that car and arrest him within hours.

"Being young girls, they did a really good job of gathering what information they could under the initial shock that they were under,” Ehrenrich said. 

Police said they thrilled they were able to get Lopez off the streets as early as they did.

"When you look at sexual predators and the evolution of their crimes they kind of start small, peeping tom type things, taking videos and we see those crimes continue to escalate,” said Ehrenrich.

Police said Lopez admitted to these three cases and several more.

They're encouraging parents to talk to their kids and come forward if they believe they're a victim.