BIXBY, Oklahoma - A 22-year-old Tulsa woman is in jail after police said she was having an inappropriate relationship with a student while she was working as a substitute teacher at Bixby Schools.

Police said Anna Lewis asked a student on Instagram how to change the oil in her car, and later sent him nude photos of herself on both Instagram and Snapchat.

She also asked the child for nude photos of himself, police say. 

Lewis is also accused of sending inappropriate private messages to a minor through Instagram.

Lewis was arrested Wednesday evening by Bixby Police and is being held on complaints of violation of computer crimes act and making a lewd proposal to a child.

"The teacher is young, but nonetheless, she is an adult," said Bixby Police Cpl. Michael Konshak.

Konshak said the situation came to light when another student spoke up about comments Lewis made in class about a sexual relationship with the victim. 

The victim later spoke with the school resource officer, going into detail about what happened. 

"Courageous would be a good word for that," Konshak said.

Five years ago News On 6 spoke with Lewis after police said she and her sister were hit by a drunk driver. Lewis' sister, Janie, was killed.

Lewis' mother, Carolyn, said her daughter "doesn't respond to people like an average person does, because of the brain trauma."

Police said the investigation is not over, and so far, they believe the relationship was purely digital.

"Right now, there's nothing in that report that you have that confirms that they ever got together physically," Konshak said.

Bixby Public Schools released a statement saying that on Nov. 9, 2017, a student reported inappropriate comments and innuendo made by a substitute teacher about another student the day before.

"The substitute was immediately questioned and released from the position," the statement reads. "School personnel reported the information to the student's parents and legal authorities on November 9, 2017.

The statement also notes that substitutes are not direct employees of the district but are provided by a temp agency - in this case, Kelly Services. As a business contracting with the school, the agency is required to perform background checks and provide a declaration stating the employee has been vetted and has not been convicted of a sex crime.

Here is their full statement: