TULSA, Oklahoma - Friday, December 15 marked the first-ever meeting of Tulsa's African-American Affairs Commission at City Hall. Tulsa has long had commissions for Hispanic groups, for Native Americans - but has never had a commission for African Americans.

It's been a long time coming for Mayor G.T. Bynum and City Council Vanessa Hall-Harper who have been working to bring the commission into being.

The diverse group includes pastors, folks representing business, education and other community groups.

Friday was an orientation setting as the group began its efforts to improve the quality of life for African Americans in Tulsa.

The 21 commission members are: Kojo Asamoa-Caesar, Thomas Boxley of the Institute for Developing Communities, Darryl Bright of Citizens United for a Better Educational System, Cassia Carr representing Tulsa Economic Development Corporation, DeWayne Dickens, Harriette Dudley, Eddie Evans, Devin Fletcher.

Also, Reggie Ivey representing North Tulsa Community Coalition, Alicia Latimer of the African-American Resource Center, Margaret Love, Lauren Oldham, Ashley Philippsen, Burlinda Radney representing the Business and Agenda Networking Group, Kuma Roberts, Gregory Robinson, Rev. Weldon Tisdale Sr., Maybelle Wallace of Theatre North, Bill White representing the Greenwood Cultural Center, Carlisha Williams, and Kristi Williams representing the African Ancestral Society.