TULSA, Oklahoma - Time is running out for Oklahoma drivers to update the license plates on their cars before the old ones expire.

The old design for license plates is close to being phased out as the state replaces the tag with new plates.

Every Oklahoma car has to have a new one.

The state is changing out the plates to both update the design and raise money.

The state charges a $5 fee for the new tags.

As of Dec. 31, the procrastinators will be very obvious when every tag with the old design finally expires.

"After 30 days, it begins a dollar a day penalty and it's a maximum of $100. There's up to 30 days with the state without penalty," said Toni Strength, Downtown Tulsa Tag Agency.

The tax commission grace period runs through the end of January, but police don't have one.

As of Jan. 1 they said they can easily spot an expired tag and issue a ticket.