NORMAN, Oklahoma - Victims’ rights advocates say they're concerned the Rodney Anderson case could keep actual victims from coming forward.

The Cleveland County DA declined to file rape charges against the OU running back after the investigation showed the woman was not telling the truth.

Advocates say high-profile cases involving false claims poison the well for true victims of sexual assault.

"If you came to work today and said "my house got robbed last night", then I would say "oh my gosh what can I do" and set up a go fund me account for you. So why is it not like that for when women come forward with claims of abuse?" said Advocate Mackenzie Masilon. 

The woman, Courtney Thornton, sent a letter to the Oklahoman, saying, "I held full faith that the Oklahoma criminal justice system would achieve due process with a thorough investigation. Yesterday's press conference ... diminished my faith in our local judicial system."