SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - More than 500 Sand Springs students will no longer have to worry about paying off their negative school lunch accounts.

Several anonymous donors stepped up and paid them off, no questions asked.

The school district said one family alone donated $2,100 to the school lunch fund. But they didn't want credit for it. They just wanted to do good, and then disappear.

"This touched 500 kids' lives," said Child Nutrition Director Sherry Pearson. 

Sherry Pearson said in total, they had $2,500 donated to help clear the stress of paying for meals this holiday season.

"We had a family and another individual and a group who came forward and wanted to donate money to kids' lunch funds," Pearson said. 

She said they didn't do it to make themselves look good, in fact, they wanted to remain anonymous.

"That's what the family said. They said, you know, we just want to do this to help our community and help our kids, and help our families," Pearson said. 

She said now, those students with outstanding meal charges can consider their accounts cleared. 

"They're family. When we all come together and help each other out, it's a blessing. Not only are you able to pay it forward, and those people be blessed, but those that are giving have the opportunity to have a blessing also," said Pearson.