TULSA, Oklahoma - An eerie message was found at a murder scene in Tulsa. 

But it's not enough information to figure out who killed a man at a party overnight. 

The murder marks the city's 79th homicide of the year. 

The shooting happened just outside an after-hours club near 16th and Memorial.

It just opened about a month ago, but it's the kind of shooting scene Sergeant Dave Walker has watched unfold before. 

"That crowd goes there much like the Route 66 Event Center. Hotspots, all these other after-hours clubs that seem to attract murders," said Walker. 

Tulsa police said after leaving a private party, someone shot a 33-year-old man several times.

He died on the way to the hospital. 

"Our victim is gang-related. So, there might be some gang tensions there," Walker said. 

Investigators are looking into a message left in the alleyway behind the club that read, “I will kill you.” 

And they're told it wasn't here last week.

"There's people out there right now that know who did what to whom. And the why," said Walker. 

With a crowd size of about 100 at the party, plenty of people were around.

Walker said he needs someone to speak up. 

"People eventually sober up. Realize 'oh, this is a real big deal and somebody did lose their life. So, I will tell you what I know.'," Walker said. 

Investigators said they don't have a great description of the suspect. 

He was wearing a dark hoodie and about 5'6" or 5'8".

Police said he ran away after the shooting. 

"Tulsa's a good place. We don't solve 95 percent of the murders because we're that good. It takes the citizens to come forward. We weren't there,” Walker said. 

Right now, police are not releasing the victim's name.