VINITA, Oklahoma - A Green County community is rallying around a high school softball coach who remains hospitalized after police say he was shot by a local attorney.

Tears were flowing. 

"I was at the game when I heard about it happening and I broke down and cried," said student Samantha Fender.  

Flowing for a really good coach who meant a lot to his students.

"He can take somebody from having a really bad day to having a perfect day," said Fender. 

"He has a big heart. He cares about everyone. Everyone really looks up to him," said student Jamie Baresley. 

Now their softball coach, Jason Sauer, is in the hospital fighting for his life after police say he was shot Friday night by local attorney, Karl Jones. 

"As soon as we found out it was all over the place. Everybody was praying for him," said Fender. 

"There's power in prayer. There's power in unity. There's power in family," said a speaker. 

Teenagers at Vinita High are taking those words to heart as they pray for Sauer. 

He was someone who made a positive impact on his students.

"He just generally puts out a good vibe and makes everybody happy," said Fender. 

Now they're hoping he can recover from the shooting.   

"When something like this happens. When tragedy happens, we band together as family," said a speaker. 

Court records show Jones and the woman Sauer was dating divorced back in April. 

Jones remains in jail for shooting with intent to kill.