TULSA, Oklahoma - Thieves trashed Tulsa's VFW Post near downtown and stole sentimental items a week before Christmas. 

Splintered doors, broken locks, damaged and missing equipment are just a few items from a long list of damages left behind after a break-in at Tulsa's VFW post near 6th and Peoria.

Volunteers are sorting through the mess trying to figure out what needs fixing and what is still missing. 

"All these good things are going on at the post and then you have a set back of this nature, and it's hard for us to recover because we don't have those assets available to us," said Max Tankersley.

VFW Posts don't receive any money other than the funds donated to them or what they've raised themselves through their coffee and gift shops as well as community events. 

"If it's not the VFW, it's the American Legion or the DAV," said Tankersley. "There is always somebody burglarizing and taking advantage of these veterans operations, which are doing their best to serve the community."

The Post works hard to make sure the veterans that come through their doors have the resources they need to live a full life.

"I did a deployment in 2009 for ten months to Iraq," Kate Tillotson recalled. "I was part of the Marine Corps Lioness team."

She added, "They see us all as one giant community. So, it's not like a competition between veteran generations, it's a community. It's really nice having that, especially as a female veteran."

War memorabilia and vintage photos ripped off the walls, leaving holes in the hearts of Green Country veterans.

"People without a conscience, not recognizing there is a consequence and a damage that is much greater than the few dollars they get out of something," said Tankersley.

Volunteers are still assessing the damage. 

If you would like to help, visit the following link: Tulsa VFW Burglary Recovery Fund