COLLINSVILLE, Oklahoma - Customers at the OK Barber Shop in Collinsville will have to find a new place to get a haircut.

The two barbers who own it have been cutting hair side by side for more than 50 years.

But they're closing on Friday.

"We might be the oldest business in Collinsville. I'm not sure," said Dale Graham.

Friday is the last day for Graham and Gerald Brazeal.

The question on the lips of most of their customers is, "Where am I gonna get my next haircut?"

When you've gotten your haircut in the same place by the same barber for as long these customers, change is not going to be easy.

"We're gonna miss all these guys, you know," Brazeal said.

They said they've been thinking about this for about a year and just put the sign up last month to let everyone know when.
Brazeal is a roper and said he'll have more time for that now.

"I've got a little plot of land to take care of ... gardening to do," Graham said.

He also sings gospel all over the country. There'll be more time for that, too.

There aren't many barber shops like these left anymore.