TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say a woman was pepper sprayed in the face while being robbed at a local bank overnight.

Police say the woman was robbed even after taking extra steps to make sure she was safe.

Tulsa Police say the woman was trying to make a nightly deposit from a business at the Bank of America near Admiral and Sheridan late Tuesday night when a man came up to her and pepper sprayed her.

The victim told police she actually circled the parking lot of the bank to make sure she didn't notice anything or anyone suspicious.

Police say she got out of her vehicle to make the deposit and that's when the man walked up to her.

After she was pepper sprayed she says the man took off with the deposit bag. He's still on the loose.

Police don't have a great description of the man but say he was last seen running away from the bank into a nearby neighborhood.

The victim wasn't seriously hurt.