TULSA, Oklahoma - Three teens are in custody after Tulsa Police say they were involved in a pair of overnight robberies.

Officers said they saw the teens near 61st and Highway 169 then followed them to the Silver Springs apartments.

Police said the suspects first tried to rob someone in the parking lot of Woodland Hills Mall late Tuesday night.

Then, they actually robbed people at the Springhill Marriott and the Mahogany Restaurant near 71st and Yale.

After that robbery, officers said they saw the vehicle, followed them and waited for the right time to make their move.

"Since there were three people inside the vehicle, the officer waited until we had more officers closer to the location," said  Cpl. R.W. Solomon.

Police said the three teens jumped out of the SUV and officers caught them.

The stolen SUV rolled into the building but no damage was done.

Officers said they found a gun in the vehicle along with some stolen items.