TULSA, Oklahoma - More than 2,500 customers were without power across the Tulsa area, according to PSO.

PSO said a static neutral line fell onto a major distribution line which caused a substation fire near 44th and Hudson to blow. It caused three transformers to be locked out of the substation.

They said there was a big jolt on the system that was felt across town. Because of that, there was a glitch to the reporting system which resulted in incorrect outage numbers - at one point the PSO Website showed nearly 60,000 outages. PSO said the number was closer to 2,600.

PSO said the glitch also tripped the automated email to customers signed up and said many were incorrectly alerted they did not have power at their home or business.

Power has been restored to many customers and PSO said it estimates all power should be returned by 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

You can keep up with the outages on the PSO outage map.