TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman testified in court Wednesday that a Tulsa man drugged her, held her hostage and sexually assaulted her.

Victor Hursh is charged with several counts of rape and kidnapping.

The woman who took the stand at Hursh’s preliminary hearing said she only known him for a short time before he held her hostage. She said at one point she begged him to either to kill her or let her go.

Police arrested Hursh in August after a woman said she escaped from his van at a QuikTrip. She told police Hursh held her captive at his house after she asked for a place to stay.

Hursh is now charged with multiple counts of first- and second-degree rape, forcible sodomy and kidnapping.

At his preliminary hearing Wednesday, one woman testified she lived with Hursh in 2016. The witness said she met Hursh on a dating website and when she needed a place to stay he said she could live with him.

The witness testified on one occasion Hursh got violent when they smoked meth together. She said Hursh got agitated, punched her and then tied her to the bed.

She testified Hursh shot her up with more meth and then sexually assaulted her.

The woman said Hursh briefly held her against her will but ended up letting her go the next day.

She reported him to police and had a sexual assault exam done but she eventually moved out of state and Hursh was never arrested.

Defense attorney Brian Boeheim said there are many inconsistencies between her testimony today and the report she gave to police.

The prosecution did not comment after court and no decision was made on whether Hursh will stand trial.

One of the key witnesses for the state didn't show up, so the judge continued the hearing to January.